From newspapers to coffee sales

After 30 years in the newspaper business, I was ready for a new challenge. So my wife Angela and I moved to her hometown of Cobourg and opened a coffee business.


Welcome to COFFEE'S ON (great name, right?). I offer a complete line of coffee supplies for your business or home. Here's how it works. I'll provide you with a coffee maker to use. All I ask is that you allow me to sell you coffee. I can also offer great prices on milk, cream, sugar or anything else you may need. It's up to you.


My coffee is delicious, my prices are very reasonable and there's no need for any long-term commitment.


If you don't like my coffee, why be locked into a contract?


My product comes from Brazcanco (Brazilian Canadian Coffee Co. Ltd.), and features Estate Coffees – premium blends which support the farmers so they can take care of their workers and crops.


So give me a call or email. Let's talk over a coffee.



- Jeff Hurst


Coffee's On,